Gary App – from concept to MVP

Gary App


Knowing who’s onboard and keeping everyone updated and connected is not easy, but fortunately, Gary knows better.


For centuries we’ve been gathering the hard way:




Our working prototype (which is no longer on the app stores due to Parse shutdown) really helped us to validate (and invalidate) many assumptions. Unfortunately, haven’t been able to quickly arrive to product/market fit (there were many uses cases for Gary but no customers) and team members leaving the country for personal reasons, we decided to put the project on hold and move along.

Gary was the continuation of my thesis project “” which was selected by the NYU Summer Launchpad program, a 10 week’s program designed to provide NYU’s most promising entrepreneurs the resources to develop their startups into commercially viable ventures. Luckily for me, great people joined the team – Chad Burgess (operations), Rodrigo Derteano (development) and Salem Al-Mansoori (design).