Punji Time – Tailor Made Controllers

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Playing the game
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Punji Time

Punji Time is a two players game played with unconventional controllers done in collaboration with Uttam Grandhi.

The rules are simple: a snake has to eat the egg before it reaches the other side of the screen, the egg, of course, has to avoid it.

The most interesting aspect of the game is their distinct controller:

– The “snake chanter” controls the snake on the screen through a wireless wooden flute which has four buttons to indicate the direction and a place to blow to determine speed. A speaker inside the flute plays a different tone and pitch depending on direction and velocity.

– The “egg player” controls the egg on the screen by turning a wireless ball to determine the direction and speed of the egg.

The screen is positioned horizontally at a table level so each player faces each other.


Software: Processing, Arduino.

Hardware: 1 Arduino Uno, 3 Xbess, 2 Gyroscopes, 1 Piezo and 4 Buttons.